Gift Ideas for Daddy Dearest

Ties, golf balls and aftershave, all classic Father’s Day gifts, right?

While we’re sure daddy dearest will appreciate whatever gift you give him this June 18th, let’s be honest, they’re hardly going to win you the title of “World’s Best Child”. It’s a common known fact that dads are notoriously difficult to buy for and TBH we struggle too. So to make sure neither of us is desperately scrambling to find a gift the night before, we’ve put together a handy Father’s Day gift guide, bursting with inspiration so you can really knock his socks off!


Don’t worry, there’s not a real pair of socks in sight.

Cook Him a Meal

We’ve heard time and time again that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so why not make your dad a tasty treat?  Try baking or cook one of his favourite meals. Even if you’re not the best in the kitchen, ultimately, it’s all in the gesture. Failing that, you could always take him out to dinner.


Take Time When Buying a Card

It’s easy to phone it in when it comes to buying a Father’s Day card. This year, tell dad how special he is with a greeting that took longer than a minute to pick out. From funny jokes to sum up your relationship to heartfelt messages that’ll tug at the old heart strings, when you see it you’ll know. And if you don’t find one that fits, make one!


Make a Gift

From card making to gift making! Did you see how smooth that segue was? Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to whip out the old glue gun and get crafty. Tech cases, photo frames, coasters, the internet is jam packed with nifty how-tos for you to follow. As much as they might pretend not to be, dads are sentimental creatures, making it the perfect call back to when you were just biting at his ankles.

Show Him You Actually Listen

Not the best at the old arts and crafts? Buying a gift isn’t a cop out; just make sure what you buy is personal to him. Whether he’s a travel addict, a DIY enthusiast or a green-fingered gardener, choose a gift that will cater to his specific interests and prove that you actually know him pretty darn well.


Make it Personal

The most significant gift I’ve ever given my dad was a leather bracelet that I emblazoned with the name of his football team. It was… well really ugly, but he wore it for years. Take your Father’s Day gift one step further and personalise it with his name or, better yet, a message that’ll mean something specifically to him.

Now, we’re not saying that you have to do everything on the list…but if you did, you’d definitely be able to bank those brownie points until he’s old and grey. If he’s isn’t already.


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