The sun is shining and whether you’re planning a last minute holiday abroad, a trip to the coast for the long weekend or even a dip in your own pool (fancy pants) then you need to get your holiday packing list sorted!

If you’re a percy planner, then stationery is your friend – from planning trips and organising everyone to writing about your travels while you are away, we’ve got a lot of useful tools to help you plan & relax. Our City Sights range has an enormous array of notebooks, travel journals, list pads & planning stationery, so it’s well worth having a look as if you fail to prepare, prepare yourself for failure!


What’s on your holiday packing list? We think passport is definitely key if you are going abroad, but that burgundy is so drab… jazz it up with our City Sights cloud passport cover. Other travel accessories we’d suggest – portable charger, wash bag, a holiday themed iPhone case (more of a want that need) oh… and a bag! A bag would be handy! We’ve got a pretty selection of weekend bags, beach bags & backpacks for those travelling light a.k.a flying Easy Jet.



Speaking of which… toiletry dramas in the the airport queue are just too stressful. Decant those precious liquids and creams into this travel bottle set and you’ll be whizzing through the airport in time to grab a cheeky lil’ glass of bubbles.


The beach + sun = bright. We LOVE this shell shaped sunglasses case, big enough to fit in your designer glasses and did we mention it looks like a shell, which we think it’s pretty darned cool!


This City Sights writing set is so much fun and comes with postcards. So if you’re old school like us and still send a postcard home, then this set is 100% for all the globetrotters out there!


If you’re hitting the pool on your hols, you may have noticed a massive trend this year for inflatables and we’re all over it. We’ve got a really big selection of Sunnylife pool accessories for your pleasure and if you’re not familiar, you need to be. From watermelons to flamingos – the humble lilo is no more. ‘Our lilo is better than yours’ needs to be your motto this summer.



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